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Tax Consulting

Why Hire a Tax Consulting Firm

If you are in need of a tax consulting firm around the Atlanta, GA area, come to 1st Rate Taxes.


There are many reasons to why people are in need of tax consulting:  


  • A tax consultant can help you with your tax return, tax planning, and tax preparation. They can also help you with any questions you have about your taxes. 

  • Tax consultant can help you save money on your taxes and get the most out of your tax return. 

  • They can also help you if you are audited by the IRS.

  • Tax consulting can help you understand the tax laws and how they apply to your situation. 

  • They can also help you negotiate with the IRS if you owe taxes. 

  • Tax consulting can help you plan for your future and retirement. 


Established in 2019, First Rate Taxes is a full service firm, offering affordable tax consulting solutions to individuals and local businesses. From individuals, entrepreneurs, family tax returns, small businesses, and even the Uber driver, you are of first priority at First Rate Taxes.

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